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PI/Phoneline Subcommittee

The Public Information/Phoneline (PI) Subcommittee deals with how NA interfaces with society and how we can utilize services outside of NA, including the media, to carry our message to addicts we cannot otherwise reach. Rather than being promotional, the goal of our PI campaigns is to attract suffering addicts to our meetings and let them know there is hope for a better way of life.

The PI/Phoneline subcommittee needs your support to help carry the message to the addict who still suffers. The best way to help the subcommittee is just by showing up at out subcommittee meetings. We need your help to put up our posters, to take calls from addicts needing help, and to help in other ways in which we try to let addicts in our area know that we are available and here to help.

PI Subcommittee Meetings

All subcommittee meetings are held at the Square Dancers Inc. at 11:30 AM the 4th Sunday of every month before the Area Service Committee meeting (3rd Sunday in November and December).

Contact Us

If your NA Group needs help in dealing with a non-member or organization outside of NA, or if you have a question concerning PI or the phoneline, please contact the PI/Phoneline Subcommittee Chair.

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